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Tidus Voice Actor Explains Real Reason Behind Final Fantasy X’s Laughing Scene

You remember the scene, don’t you? When, in Final Fantasy X, Tidus and Yuna let out a burst of awkward laughter before keeling over in a fit of giggles? Of course you do. 

Now that the infamous cutcene has secured its status as an Internet meme throughout the years, James Arnold Taylor, the voice actor who brought Tidus to life, offers a frank breakdown of Tidus and Yuna’s uncontrollable laughing fit. 

As Taylor points out, when taken out of context the moment loses its inherent value, given that FFX‘s lead couple are purposely gritting their teeth and forcing out an awkward laugh in the face of adversity — much to be bemusement of Yuna’s fellow guardians. 

After all these years, how does Final Fantasy X‘s laughing scene sit with you?

[Source: James Arnold Taylor (YouTube) via NeoGAF]