Dead Star Flying Out to Release This April 5, Launch Plans, Free DLC for Pre-Orders and More Revealed

In a post on its official forums, Armature Studio has finally announced the release date for Dead Star, which is April 5, and more info on how it’s planning the game’s launch. Check out parts of the post below.

As we enter the home stretch and prepare to officially launch Dead Star on PC and PlayStation 4 come April 5th, we wanted to give you a rundown of what to expect moving ahead…

Servers will go offline March 29th and return April 5th, accompanied by a reset of player stats. This will give our team time to get everything ready for launch, especially since we’ve been hard at work on a whole host of things. Which brings us to the next point…

We’ve learned a whole heck of a lot from the beta and player feedback, and have been hard at work polishing the game based on all that. We’ll have a more detailed list of all the changes as April 5th approaches, but we’ve done a lot of additional polish based on your feedback — things like a revamped tutorial with voice acting, a match announcer, augmentation and ship balance tweaks, and an optional auto-level system to get you back into the action faster. Some of these changes are technical and on the backend, so they’ll be mostly invisible, but will result in a much smoother experience.

The Dead Star development team is a small group working our hardest to make the best experience possible, and we couldn’t have done that without your help in the beta test. As a way of thanking you for pre-ordering Dead Star and helping us test the game and our first add-on pack, the Kurg Ship Expansion, we’re giving you that expansion for free when it comes online in late April. You’ll also receive the next Ship Expansion — the Quaz’l Tribe — for free when it arrives in May. And yes, this free add-on content also extends to those who pre-ordered Dead Star on PlayStation 4 before it became a PS Plus title.

But what about your friends that might not have heard of Dead Star yet? We know Dead Star is best when playing with friends, so we’re extending this offer to pre-orders for a limited time, just in case you know someone that hasn’t had a chance to grab the game yet. So, everyone who pre-orders Dead Star via Steam / Early Access before launch on April 5th will get both the Kurg and Quaz’l Ship Expansions (a $9.98 total value) for free as they’re released.

We’ve also made sure that once these new ships are available, everyone can play around with them in Free Play mode so folks can get a feel of the mechanics and strategic possibilities.

Have you tried Dead Star yet? And will you be picking it up come April 5?

[Source: Dead Star]