Lumo Lights Up the PS4 & PS Vita on April 22

Announced for PlayStation back in September, Lumo from Triple Eh? is coming to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita on April 22 in North America and Europe, complete with cross-buy.

An isometric arcade adventure game, Lumo pays homage to games from the mid 80s where you’d explore the world room by room, completing some puzzles and taking part in proto-platforming gameplay. As Lead Developer Gareth Noyce explained, Lumo is a modern take on those classics:

Lumo (Finnish for “enchantment”) isn’t a remake of those classic 8-bit games. Instead, it’s my attempt to answer the question: “What would those games be like today?” We can do things with physics, light, and sound that just weren’t possible back then, not to mention being able to auto save (!), so Lumo smooths off some of those old-school edges and brings the genre bang up-to-date.

Lumo features nearly 450 rooms across four different zones, including secret paths, lots of hidden rooms, ducks to rescue, coins to collect and spend, and six mini-games to unlock.

Noyce added:

It’s not just about getting from start to finish. Instead, it’s going to reward your exploration skills. Try and jump out of rooms and bend the game mechanics. Who knows, maybe you’ll be the first person to find all the cassettes and complete the mini-games? If you do, be sure to try it against the clock in Old School Mode, Lumo’s Time Trial setup.

He also says retro gamers will find references to 80s magazines and developers, “while players new to these games will be able to experience a fresh, modern take on a genre that’s just as fun today as it was 30 years ago.”

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