April 2016 PlayStation Plus Free Game Dead Star Includes a Platinum Trophy

When Dead Star releases tomorrow on PlayStation 4, with PlayStation Plus members able to download it for free, it will include a Platinum Trophy, Exophase reveals.

There are 48 Trophies in total for the multiplayer space shooter, with some of the toughest ones below:

  • Lord of the Wastes (Platinum) – Earn all available trophies for Dead Star. “Look upon my works and weep.”
  • Lifer (Gold) – Reach Pilot Level 50. “Ain’t nobody tougher than me.”
  • Contract Runner (Gold) – Successfully complete a Capital Ship Escape Run as the Contract Owner. “Best in the ‘verse, guaranteed.”
  • Chrome King (Gold) – Reach Augment Level 25 on a single ship. “She’s shiny and fast and runs like hellfire.”
  • Gear Head (Silver) – Fully Augment a ship system. “Now we’re cooking with gas. Space gas.”
  • Certified Pilot (Silver) – Fly any ship for 10 hours. “Fly all night, don’t stop ’til your eyes bleed.”
  • Ace (Silver) – Earn every Ace Pilot Reward. “I am the pilot king, I can do anything.”

Exophase also shows that tomorrow’s Enter the Gungeon includes a Platinum Trophy, Arcade Game Series: Galaga and Arcade Game Series: Ms Pac-Man will include a Platinum when they release, and Jetpack Joyride is coming to PlayStation 4.

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