Smite 60fps Update for PS4 & Xbox One Coming Soon

Limited to 30 frames-per-second on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One at open beta launch due to technical issues, Smite will be getting a 60fps update as early as next week, designer Scott Lussier revealed on Twitter yesterday:

If you don’t opt-in though, Lussier said there’s no repercussions. “It’s a safety precaution,” he added.

Offering further details today, Lussier explained that Hi-Rez Studios will eliminate the unplayable sensitivities once 60fps becomes the default:

With the addition of 60FPS all sensitivities are basically 2x to 2.5x faster than they were on 30FPS. You will want to adjustment asap.

Once 60FPS becomes the default I’ll be doing a pass to eliminate a lot of the Sensitivities that are simply not playable.

Asked if it will be difficult to adapt to, Lussier replied, “Super easy to adapt too. It just feels 10x better. [Sensitivities] takes getting use to though. I’m on 13/8 from 25/14.”

Smite is now available to download for free from the PlayStation Store.

[Source: Scott Lussier (Twitter 1, 2, 3) via VG247]