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Defy Gravity With Upcoming PS4 Mini Game Collection “Perfect Universe”

Developer Will Sykes has announced Perfect Universe, an upcoming PlayStation 4 mini game collection that spans a range of genres set in a monochrome 2.5D moon-like environment. Gravity is at the center of all the mini games, which include platforming, racing, volleyball and football games. Over on the PlayStation blog, Sykes explained:

In Perfect Universe each level of the game has a varying strength of gravitation pull which makes for some awesome crazy physics. I really wanted to build a game that’s fun to play but also different – it’s easy to learn but hard to master due to these random gravity factors. The unpredictable force of the gravity means that if you time it just right, you can glide from planet to planet and it’s both frustrating and addictive to play.

Perfect Universe comes with nine levels – three single-player and six local multiplayer. The single-player levels include:

  • Perfect Moon: Enjoy some classic platforming as you control a man collecting stars
  • Moon Life: Control the feet of an alien in this QWOP-like game – much harder than it sounds
  • Star Light: Fly your rocket ship through the galaxy in a Thrust-like game where you’ll soon learn that you need less power and more placement to navigate the tracks

Multiplayer levels are as follows:

  • Moon Golf: An interplanetary game of golf
  • Gravity Dodge: A four-player game of alternative gravity dodgeball
  • Balloon Pop: Scramble to pop more balloons than anyone else!
  • Rocket Ball: Football, but with rockets!
  • Moon Volley: A game of volleyball around a little planet
  • Space Race: Rocket race against friends

We’re told that Perfect Universe is out “very soon.” In the meantime, you can check out a trailer above.

[Source: PlayStation]