Alienation Local Co-Op Is in Development, Trophy List Includes a Platinum

Ahead of Alienation’s release on PlayStation 4 tomorrow, developer Housemarque gave us a new video today, reminding everyone that “local co-op is in development along with other post-launch content.”

Housemarque’s first major release since Resogun, and their “biggest game yet,” Alienation includes the following:

  • Three classes, each with individual attacks and abilities – the Tank, the Bio-Specialist and the Saboteur
  • Play solo or in multiplayer: Alienation supports 4 players drop-in/drop out online co-op and PvP
  • Loot system: kill enemies for drops, find and upgrade the coolest weapons and gears for a truly custom play style
  • RPG-lite progression: gain experience and advance the world state
  • Online leaderboards for country rankings and all modes
  • A full campaign, challenges and procedurally generated levels
  • Realistic fluid tech, badass explosions and the biggest, most colorful game world we ever pulled off

Exophase also posted the full Trophy list for Alienation, revealing that it includes 33 total Trophies, including a Platinum. Here’s a look at the toughest ones to unlock:

  • Alienated (Platinum) – Get all trophies
  • Beautiful Death (Gold) – Equip every weapon and equipment slot with at least a level 30 legendary weapon or equipment
  • By the Power of Weird Alien Artifacts, I Have the Power! (Gold) – Insert 12 maximum level cores into a legendary quality weapon
  • Maximum Gains (Gold) – Reach hero level 100
  • Eventful (Silver) – Complete 100 challenge and/or hitman events with one character
  • Presentation of a Rich Set of Skills (Silver) – In solo play, complete a level without firing your weapons once

If you’re interested in Alienation, you can still pre-order it through the PlayStation Store (US, UK) to save 10%.

Will you be getting Alienation?

[Source: Exophase]