Naughty Dog Sad at People Actively Spoiling Uncharted 4 Online

We’ve reported earlier in the week that some stores have started selling Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End early be it a computer error or some retailers just not caring. Well, unfortunately, what that brings along with it are big, fat spoilers.

Mind, not the kind of spoilers that you’re actively looking for in message boards, forums and whatnot, but people who’ve played the game and just want to spoil the game for people who haven’t. In short, asshats who have nothing better to do than ruin the experience for others for maybe their 15-minutes of fame or whatever the hell they get out of it.

The people from Naughty Dog know that people like the ones I mentioned above exist, and they are saddened that they are actively posting Uncharted 4 spoilers.

Over on Twitter, a few developers from Naughty Dog have expressed their disappointment and sadness about this annoying-but-expected turn of events.

If you want to experience Uncharted 4 unsullied, I suggest not watching YouTube clips of Uncharted 4 trailers and whatnot for the next few days until the game’s out. Who knows what some people will leave in the comments. Speaking of which, we strictly refrain anyone from posting any Uncharted 4 spoilers in our comments section as well and anyone who does so will get banned. C’mon, guys! Don’t be that kind of person, alright?

As someone who suffered a random asshat’s spoiler trolling people, I managed to accidentally find out who the real killer in Heavy Rain is even before I started the game. And yes, that sucked big time. I’ve steered clear of any new trailers for Uncharted 4 to make sure I experience the game fresh.

In other Uncharted 4 news, you can check out the Trophy list for the game right here.

Stay tuned for our Uncharted 4 review hitting the site next week! 

[Source: Anthony Vacarro (Twitter), Portable Kingpin (Twitter), Josh Scherr (Twitter)