Report: Sony Has Addressed DualShock 4 Trigger Issue

Sony has seemingly addressed a minor design gripe with early iterations of the DualShock 4. 

Many of those who picked up a PlayStation 4 at launch encountered problems with the controller as time worn on, with users reporting issues with the DualShock 4 triggers and squeaky analog sticks. However it would appear the platform holder has quietly rectified the problem with newer models of the pad.

As one Reddit user notes, you’ll be able to pinpoint the hardware revision by consulting the DualShock 4’s FCC ID; “if it ends in an “A” that is the latest stealth revision. These have been in circulation since about late summer/fall of last year.”

Meanwhile, the photo below illustrates the new mechanism designed to negate the trigger issue. 


Tell us, have you encountered any problems with your launch day DualShock 4?

[Source: Reddit via GearNuke]