Psyonix: Rocket League Cross-Platform Play “Not That Difficult” to Establish

Cross-platform play is a feature that’s been a long time coming to Psyonix’s uber-popular racer Rocket LeagueMicrosoft is game, though it appears Sony is still exploring the possibility at the time of writing. 

Opening up a player base across PS4, Xbox One and PC is still in the cards for the developer, and as Psyonix’s VP Jeremy Dunham revealed to GamingBolt, implementing said feature was “actually not that difficult” from a technical standpoint.

Read what he had to share, below:

“From a technical side, it was actually not that difficult. The biggest hurdle was different server requirements, and security protocols- you know, the different ones that Sony uses versus what Microsoft uses versus what you have to worry about on Steam. But that didn’t take us long. Like… we don’t have a giant lever like what you see in Star Wars when they shoot the Death Star, but if we were to use that as some kind of approximation, then if all parties were on board, we could flip a switch very similar to that, only it’s more dramatic.

“And it would work. It would work like that. We’ve already performed tests on multiple configurations, and the technology works- we just need to be able to have the go ahead, and iron out the small little bugs, and things that pop up in edge cases that you aren’t aware of until you’re out in the trenches. But the technical side didn’t take us long at all. Once Microsoft told us that it was a feature they were ready to support, we had it up and running very, very quickly.”

What do our readers make of cross-platform play? Is it a feature you’d like to see implemented more often?

[Source: GamingBolt]