If You Squint, You Can Almost See The Valkyria: Azure Revolution Screenshots

Sega is dutifully updating the official blog for its upcoming PS4 RPG Valkyria: Azure Revolution lately. Unfortunately, it’s doing a really bad job by posting screenshots so small I can’t even tell what they are.

House on street


Okay I don’t know that this is so much a house, but it is a structure that appears to be in the middle of some kind of road. That’s about as far as we’re getting with this.



There’s blue and it’s hitting stuff and there’s blocks probably. Pink things?

This can’t be right.


No one can be sure, but when I blow this one up to 400% size, it looks like a very blurry Welkin and Alicia, the stars of the first Valkyria game, who have not been confirmed in any way (and seem unlikely) for Azure Revolution. What gives, Sega?

Familiar blues?


This, I’m not even sure what to think of. It looks more like a pixelated photo of Baja Blast Mountain Dew than anything, but Sega’s pics are so small that I can’t be sure.

Well I…


This is an easy one. It’ s definitely garbage day in Sega Land and so the trash has piled up in the streets. Copies of post-Genesis Sonic games are all over the place and also it’s foggy… or the picture is just blurry.  Who the hell knows, right?

I sure don’t.


Okay so a shot of the sky… to remind us all that the greatest RPG of all time still doesn’t have a sequel. Thanks for the reminder, Sega.

Is that…?


Overwhelmingly blue, but there’s definitely some sort of structure going down the middle; I can only assume that it’s the Oscar Meyer weenimobile, charging forth into the Valkyria battlefield like some sort of mobilized guardian from hunger.

Which it is, let’s be honest.