Valkyria Revolution Launches on June 27 for PS4, PS Vita & Xbox One

Valkyria Revolution is releasing on June 27 in the Americas and June 30 in Europe for PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, and Xbox One, SEGA announced today. The PS4 and Xbox One versions will be available physically and digitally for $39.99 USD, while the PS Vita version will be a $39.99 USD digital-only title.

In the Americas, pre-orders and limited launch copies of Valkyria Revolution at retail will be known as the Vanargand Edition, and they include a metal pin emblazoned with the team’s insignia, a 12-track soundtrack by Yasunori Mitsuda (Chrono Trigger, Stella Glow), and an outer box. In Europe, pre-orders and limited launch copies include the 12-track soundtrack.

SEGA’s Will Chan explained how Valkyria Revolution differs from previous Valkyria games:

First things first: Valkyria Revolution is not a sequel to the Valkyria Chronicles series. “Spin-off” would be the right word. It takes place in a whole different timeline, continent, and universe than its predecessors, but familiar elements — such as the precious mineral ragnite and the legendary beings known as the Valkyria — make a return.

Instead of a World War II influence, the game is inspired by the European industrial revolution and focuses on a war of liberation between two vastly different nations. But arguably the biggest difference is the battle system. The turn-based action has been replaced with faster-paced (but no less strategic) combat. This hybrid battle system combines the tactics of customizing squad behavior and loadouts with real-time action for some pretty intense moments on the field.

Will you be getting Valkyria Revolution?

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