See Dragon Quest Heroes II Multiplayer in Action in This Video

The V-Jump Heroes Report took a headfirst dive into some sweet Dragon Quest Heroes II multiplayer recently. Appearing on PS3, PS4, and PS Vita, this game will allow multiplayer interactions and cross-save features among all three systems.

Sadly, the crew doesn’t show us what it’s like to have a Vita player fighting alongside a PS4 player; this is what I’m most interested in, because it will be my own situation here at home.

Players can cooperate with each other online or locally, in story battles as well as the multiplayer-specific Space-Time Labyrinth. Available for use within the labyrinth but not the main game are Yangus, Psaro, Bianca, Aurora, Nera, Lucius, and King Doric.

I’m not yet sure of all of the little ins and outs of exactly how to go about setting up the cross-platform multiplayer, but I hope to find out shortly after its Japanese release date of May 27.