Sean Murray Apologizes for No Man’s Sky Delay, Says He’s Received Death Threats

A lot of us weren’t surprised when No Man’s Sky was officially delayed yet again because reports of its delay had been circulating prior to the announcement. But then, there were those who got a little upset. Or just really upset. Hello Games’ Sean Murray, while apologizing for the delay on Twitter, said that he received loads of death threats from disgruntled fans this week. Yikes! That’s the internet for ya.

Nevertheless, Murray has revealed that he was surprised by Sony’s blog post (containing the announcement) going live at 1am. The studio is happy with the progress it’s made but wants to make it up to fans with a “good game.”

New release date for NMS got finalized late last night. It’s been a tough decision, but it’s the right one. We’re happy with progress, but we need this time to make the game you guys deserve. We couldn’t be working harder than we are right now.

The Sony Blog post going live at 1am surprised us, but we wanted to let people know as soon as we could. Things are moving quite quickly. New dates apply for PC and PS4. We’re running around trying to get all the official pages updated. Sorry I haven’t been able to say anything til now. With retail games, there are legal/external reasons why you can’t talk freely about dates.

Thanks to everyone for being so supportive. Apologies to anyone who feels hurt by this. We’ll try make it up to you with a good game.

I have received loads of death threats this week, but don’t worry, Hello Games now looks like the house from Home Alone. Tell me when it’s safe to remove the marbles and oil from the stairs. It’s getting really cumbersome, and I need the toilet.

No Man’s Sky is now releasing on August 9 in North America, August 10 in Europe minus UK where it releases on August 12.

[Source: Sean Murray (Twitter)]