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Editor’s Letter – E3 2016 Press Conference Schedules and PSLS’ Coverage

I know I’ve always said that I’ll be in touch with the community more with these Editor’s Letters, but truth be told, it’s hard work making sure we have compelling content every week. Well, I’m writing one now and it’s mostly due to E3 being almost upon us.

While video game fans love the spectacle that is E3, people forget that it’s a lot of work for both video game companies and for us games media alike. Sleepless nights are all too common, and people might not realize that E3 “work” starts about a month before the show starts, and ends maybe 2-3 weeks after the actual event is done. 

Anyway, enough behind-the-scenes stuff from me. For those wondering how we’ll be tackling E3 this year, it’s this simple: this will (most likely) be our most content-rich E3 week ever. We have a four-man team attending the press conferences, going hands-on with the latest games and we have a ton of interviews lined up as well. 

As for the “home” team, we have E3-related features set to run from today until day 0 when the press conferences start. We’ll of course have livestreams for every major relevant press conference up on the site, as well as the latest news and trailers seconds once they’re announced. Our E3 won’t end just there; once E3 is officially over, we’ll have more hands-on previews, interviews and more set to go live as well.

E3 Press Conference Schedule (all times in PT):

June 12: 

1pm: EA Press Conference

7pm: Bethesda E3 Showcase

June 13:

9:30am: Xbox E3 Briefing

1pm: Ubisoft E3 Press Conference

6pm: PlayStation E3 Experience

June 14:

9am: Nintendo Treehouse LIVE @ E3

You can use this to convert times to your timezone.

E3 is the biggest event for video game fans for the year, and I’m really excited at the quality and amount of content we have in store for our readers. If you want the latest PlayStation news, unbiased previews, and no-nonsense interviews at E3, you’ve found the right place! 

See you in the comments, folks!

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