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PS4 Games That Can Steal the Show at E3 2016

There is no larger spotlight for video games than E3. The Electronic Entertainment Expo gives publishers a huge opportunity every year to push their upcoming titles. After all, there tends to be one title in particular that excites the entire show floor. If given the right trailer and push, a relatively unknown game can become a sensation that is on the wish lists of millions by the end of the week.

While it is certainly difficult to predict what games will end up stealing the show at E3 2016, this hasn’t stopped me from trying to do so. Here are 10 PlayStation 4 titles that have a good shot at leaving fans’ jaws on the floor by the end of their respective press conferences. I didn’t include games that are not confirmed to be in development, though, so don’t expect to see something like The Last of Us 2 on our list.

I hope you enjoyed my look at what PlayStation 4 games to look forward to at E3 2016. There are a lot of fantastic games in the work that didn’t make my list, so I can’t wait to see what other titles end up impressing gamers next week!

Let me know in the comments which PlayStation 4 titles you think might end up stealing the show at this year’s E3, and which games are looking forward to seeing more of!

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