Report: The Last Guardian Release Date, The Last of Us 2 Teaser Coming at Sony’s E3 Conference (Update)


We believed the VideoGamer article to be real based on some of the included information, but it appears to be a parody post.

We apologize for the confusion.

Original Story:

According to a new report from VideoGamer, Sony’s E3 2016 press conference on Monday, June 13 at 6pm PT/9pm ET, will include The Last Guardian, The Last of Us 2, PlayStation VR, indie games, PlayStation 4 Neo, and more.

If their sources are correct, the conference will begin with a five-minute gameplay demo of The Last Guardian, where they’ll also announce the release date. According to Sony, it’s still expected this year.

As for Naughty Dog, VideoGamer says a trailer for Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End single-player DLC is definitely happening, and the expansion itself is about five hours long. Right after, we’ll be given a very short teaser trailer for The Last of Us 2, which isn’t expected until 2018.

Other moments likely to happen during the conference include a live PlayStation VR demo of PlayStation VR Worlds by the cast of Ghostbusters, followed by a trailer for the movie. Additionally, expect an indie showcase featuring Wild, Rime, Abzu, and others, with release dates given for some.

Finally, the PlayStation 4 Neo hardware revision is said to be the focus of the final third of the press conference, with every game shown having visual improvements when running on the console. VideoGamer adds that the Neo looks similar to the standard PS4 and Shawn Layden will also announce the new God of War, which is “best on” Neo.

Which of these potential moments do you hope to see?

[Source: VideoGamer]