Report: God of War 4 to Be Announced at E3 2016 (Update)

Update: While it seems shinobi602 did say that Knack 2 was a real thing, he didn’t exactly say it’ll be at this year’s E3. Apologies for the confusion.

Original Story:

Based on a few hints by insider shinobi602, it sounds as though Sony will be announcing God of War 4 and Knack 2 at their E3 2016 press conference on Monday, June 13, at 6pm PT/9pm ET.

In the Sony press conference thread on NeoGAF, shinobi602 said, “Would that be…good news?” when someone asked if Knack 2 was real. He then added, “Well, then…hey I got good news I guess. Lol.” after someone else said it would be good news.

Later on in the thread, he offered this God of War tease: “The question isn’t whether God of War will be there (it will), the question is…is Kratos the main character? Hmmm..”

Here at PSLS, we’ve also heard rumblings that both God of War 4 and Knack 2 are in the works.

A new God of War was confirmed back in December 2014, and earlier this year we saw a potential leak of screenshots and details.

As for Knack 2, it was included on a LinkedIn profile earlier this year.

Do you want to see both of these games next week?

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