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E3 2016 – God of War Has RPG Systems & a Controllable Camera, No Load Screens

In a preview/interview with Creative Director Cory Barlog, IGN revealed some new details about God of War, including the fact that the entire game is presented as a single, uninterrupted shot – there are no load screens, cinematics, or fades to black.

“Kratos believes that being a god is a disease, and that rage is a side effect of that disease, and he’s terrified that he’s passed it on to his son,” Barlog said. Having already told the story of The Hulk, Sony Santa Monica wants to tell the story of Bruce Banner now for Kratos in God of War. “What if he got a chance to do things differently?” he added. “To try to do things better?”

Since the new God of War “is about Kratos teaching his son how to be a god, and his son teaching Kratos how to be human again,” his son will play a big part in the game. There’s a single dedicated button to his son, and its use depends on the situation (combat, traversal, exploration, puzzle-solving, etc). Furthermore, he’ll learn from Kratos over the course of the game, getting better with a bow as you progress.

With Barlog saying they needed “to tear [the series] completely down and look at it from completely fresh eyes,” IGN reveals that God of War’s camera will now be controlled using the right stick, which is useful for finding all the hidden paths and collectibles scattered around the world. Additionally, God of War will feature much more in-depth RPG systems (Sony will talk about this later), and some of those collectibles include crafting resources, pieces of armor, and idols.

Barlog also confirmed that God of War will still have the huge set pieces the series is known for. They just wanted to surprise everyone at E3 with something unexpected.

Meanwhile, speaking to God Is A Geek, Lead Level Designer Rob Davis said the E3 2016 demo was running at 30 frames-per-second, adding, “I think that is what we will target for the full game.”

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