PSA: The Division Maintenance Scheduled for Thursday, June 16

Ubisoft has nailed down plans to take The Division offline for a three-hour period of maintenance beginning tomorrow, June 16. 

Confirming the downtime via an official blog post, servers will be offline from 09:00am CEST/03:00am EDT/00:00am PDT for approximately three hours. 

The Changelog reveals Ubisoft is zeroing in on “an issue where low level players were receiving High End items when completing High Value Target missions with level 30 friends.”

Beyond that, there’s also a peek at some of the gear 1.3 that will be found in the upcoming Underground expansion. Curated by VG247, here’s a rundown: 


2-Piece Bonus: +100% Pulse critical hit damage

3-Piece Bonus: +100% Blind/Deaf Resistance

4-Piece Bonus: Killing a target creates a flashbang effect at that position


2-Piece Bonus: +3 Incendiary Bullets Capacity

3-Piece Bonus: +100% Reload Speed

4-Piece Bonus: Killing a burning target grants incendiary bullets for 10 seconds


2-Piece Bonus: +300% Ballistic Shield Health

3-Piece Bonus: +100% Ballistic Shield damage resilience

4-Piece Bonus: Allows use of an equipped SMG while Ballistic Shield is deployed

The Division‘s Underground DLC deploys for PS4 on August 2. 

[Sources: Ubisoft, Arekkz Gaming via VG247]