Farpoint VR Gameplay Features VR Aiming and the Gun Controller

During Sony’s E3 press conference last week, a new action sci-fi game was unveiled with Impulse Games’ Farpoint. While what we’ve seen in the trailer looked good enough, nothing beats seeing actual gameplay, right?

Thankfully for us, the folks at PlayStation Access managed to record some footage of them playing the game and even using the PlayStation Move gun to aim and fire at the baddies. And yes, this is all in virtual reality. Check out the Farpoint VR gameplay above just to see how funny you’ll look when actually playing a VR game.

What do you think of it so far? Good? Funny? Let’s hope the gameplay can match the tech when PlayStation VR gets released later this October. Farpoint has no confirmed release date yet, but we’ll let you know once we do.

[Source: PlayStation Access]