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Kickstarter Video Games Funding Down in First Half of 2016, Overall More Projects Funded Successfully

Last year, the video games category on Kickstarter raked in a lot of money thanks to the likes of Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, Shenmue III, and more. This year, however, there’s been a noticeable absence of large-scale projects on the crowdfunding website, leading to just $8.2 million raised compared to over $20 million in the previous period. ICO Partners’ Thomas Bidaux noted:

We are not at the levels of 2014, but it is reassuring to see that despite less money being seen, the amount of funded projects has actually stayed about the same.

As fewer projects were put on the platform, but a similar number of them got funded, we can see that the ratio of successfully funded projects has increased.

kickstarter funding graph

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Bidaux added that the same happened with “junk” projects (projects with $0 pledged to them), indicating that people are now beginning to realize that it’s not easy to get funded through Kickstarter. He quoted the example of DOOM creator, John Romero, who had to cancel his Kickstarter campaign for first-person shooter, Blackroom, citing player feedback and the need for a demo.

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[Source: ICO Partners]