Watch Dogs 2 Won’t Have AR Games, Will Have Seamless Co-Op

July 4, 2016Written by Keri Honea

Watch Dogs 2 Co-op

The first Watch Dogs game was hyped to be a game of the year and sadly fell rather flat for critics. Ubisoft says they have learned from their mistakes with the sequel, and they have trimmed the fat from Watch Dogs 2

In particular, those AR (augmented reality) games will not return in the sequel according to Game Director Danny Belanger.

AR games from Watch Dogs are not returning…We are offering more city exploration. So as you’re walking around the city, you’ll open Nethack and you’ll discover operations and secrets that will unlock side quests if you want.

The AR games were part of Watch Dogs‘ mini-games that didn’t add anything to the game other than giving the residents another reason to look at Aiden cross-ways. 

Belanger went on to say that they also plan to bring in co-operative play and to prioritize making it seamless.

What I can say today is we’re bringing seamless co-op; we’re going to have seamless hacking so someone can come in your game and hack. Now you’re part of DedSec, so you’re part of a hacker group, so we wanted those hackers to work together. So you can be in your single player game but there’s a DedSec ally that’s walking around the street, and if you want you can just go and press a button and go in co-op. We created operations meant for co-op because they’re challenging, so it’s good to have a buddy.

Hopefully this means it will be slightly more seamless than the co-op found in Far Cry 4 or even in Tom Clancy’s The Division. Although, it will be interesting to see how many people actually use the co-op features.

We’ll have to wait until November this year to find out what other fat has been trimmed from the original game. To see our own hands-on impressions, check out our preview from E3.

[Source: GamingBolt]