Emily Wants to Play Launches on August 9 for PS4

A “survival horror thrill ride without any blood or gore,” Emily Wants to Play is coming to PlayStation 4 on August 9 in North America, developer Shawn Hitchcock announced today.

Playing as a pizza delivery boy on the last delivery of the night, you get trapped in a creepy house and must explore it, trying to figure out what’s happening. As the hours go by, a girl named Emily and her three dolls begin wandering around the house and, if you get trapped in a room with one of them, you’ll have to figure out how to stay alive.

Emily Wants to Play scares most players almost immediately,” Hitchcock adds. “But, if players are brave enough to continue, they are treated to a survival strategy showdown between the pizza guy and Emily and the dolls.”

The house in Emily Wants to Play is based on Hitchcock’s childhood home in New Orleans, and the dolls are based on a real phobia:

In addition to the scary old house, I added another one of my fears: dolls! I don’t like any kind of doll, and the thought of a doll coming to life has always bothered me. I decided to combine both and create a game where players run from possessed dolls in a creepy old house.

To make the game even more spooky, the dolls and Emily were given their own personalities. They can move around the house freely, watch the player, and determine the best way to scare them. Emily and the dolls like to play their own version of popular children’s games. In order to survive, players must determine how to react to each game.

Emily Wants to Play will cost $4.99, and Hitchcock said that he’s “looking into” PlayStation VR support.

[Source: PS Blog, Steam]