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Spider-Man PS4 Release Date Likely Not Going to Be Announced “Anytime Soon”

When Insomniac Games first announced Spider-Man PS4 at E3 2016, they said at the end of the trailer that it’s “in development for the PlayStation 4 system,” but didn’t offer up a release window. That didn’t stop GameStop from putting up a December 26, 2017 launch date on their website, leading people to believe the game was a long ways away.

Responding to some questions on Twitter, Insomniac confirmed that GameStop’s date is a placeholder and “there is no release date at this time.” When someone asked if this meant Spider-Man PS4 would be out before December 26, 2017, Insomniac replied, “All we said was there was no release date. Likely not going to announce one anytime soon.”

Insomniac added:

Insomniac also said Spider-Man PS4 includes a brand new story, is running on the Insomniac Engine, and the trailer “was in-engine/game and captured from current PS4.”

Despite the lack of a release date, Insomniac said at E3 that Spider-Man PS4 has been in development for “quite some time.”

Do you think we’ll see the new Spider-Man in 2017?

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