Dying Light Has 8.5 Million Players, Techland Won’t Rush a Sequel

Sitting at 8.5 million players, Dying Light has done “incredibly well” for developer Techland, marketing boss Pawel Kopinski revealed to MCV in a recent interview. Seeing continued growth thanks to the release of Dying Light: The Following earlier this year, Techland doesn’t know the exact amount of copies sold so far, “but the success of Dying Light has helped us secure our creative independence for many, many years to come.”

In the past, Kopinski says Techland has been moving forward one or two steps with each project. When it comes to Dying Light, it “feels like we’ve taken ten steps forward,” and now they have that creative and financial freedom. “It’s why we can readily develop two AAA projects simultaneously while at the same time bring in other developers via Techland Publishing,” he added.

Techland hasn’t officially said if one of those two AAA projects is Dying Light 2, but looking at the Dying Light franchise, Kopinski says, “We’ve got a lot of ideas and things that we’re testing out at the moment.”

Whatever they end up doing next with the series, it won’t be rushed, as Techland is focused on the fans:

Since the IP belongs to us, there is no external pressure to rush out another installment. Our main obligation is to the fans and to ourselves to create and release something amazing when it’s ready. We want to ensure that the next big thing in Dying Light is built around ideas and concepts that really push the game to the next level.

What do you think would push Dying Light to the next level?

[Source: MCV UK]