Don’t Starve Together PS4 Closed Beta Announced, You Can Register Now

Don’t Starve Together developer, Klei Entertainment, has announced a PlayStation 4 closed beta for the title, the signups for which are now live. “At long last, Don’t Starve Together for PS4 is ready to test! But to help us get this game onto everyone’s consoles as soon as possible, we need your help!” wrote the studio. You can sign up here but before you do, make sure to read the following notes by Klei:

  • This is a limited time beta – Beta servers will be shut down when the beta ends in about 6 weeks, and the beta client will no longer be playable. That means you shouldn’t sign up if you’re not ready to play right away or willing to lose your progress.
  • We have a limited number of beta spots, so please make sure you’ll actually be available to test during this window.
  • Once signed up you will receive an email to confirm your registration. A randomized selection of active players will be chosen and notified next week if they have been chosen.
  • We’d like people who know what to expect in DST (and therefore are able to recognize a bug when they see one) so we’re looking for people with existing DST accounts and a moderate amount of playtime (you don’t have to be clocking in 40 hours / week, but we are looking for experienced players).
  • Gift item drops are disabled in the beta – because we don’t want to give you a bunch of skins and then take them away again when the beta ends. They’ll be in the full game however!

Don’t Starve Together is already out on Steam.

[Source: Klei Entertainment]