I Am Setsuna – Everything You Need to Know

Square Enix has certainly been relying upon older, established franchises as of late instead of pushing that new IP envelope. They’re continually revisiting the world of Final Fantasy (because please, they’ll never stop that gravy train), Tomb RaiderDeus ExStar OceanKingdom HeartsDragon QuestHitman, and Just Cause. Oh sure, they’ve dabbled into new properties such as Life is Strange and Murdered: Soul Suspect, but they haven’t taken a risk on a new JRPG since the days of NieRThe Last RemnantInfinite Undiscovery, or The World Ends With You. Lo and behold, they’ve opened a new development studio dedicated to just that, Tokyo RPG Factory, and their first JRPG releases next week—I Am Setsuna.

I Am Setsuna promises to be a return to the classic, glory days of Square Enix JRPGs, from its simple graphics design to the traditional turn-based combat. Strategy and using each party member to their fullest, as well as their item inventories, will be key. If you long for the days where you spend 15-30 minutes on a turn-based, slow, grind, only to get killed by a cheap attack from a boss and start all over again, then by golly, Square Enix has the game for you.

Check out the gallery below, as it will tell you everything you need to know about I Am Setsuna, including its pre-release history.

I am Setsuna will be released this coming Tuesday, July 19, for the PlayStation 4, and PC.