Ubisoft Seems Confident About Watch Dogs 2 Sales, Says Reception Has Been “Very Positive”

The original Watch Dogs may have earned a plethora of criticisms from gamers, but it went on to break sales records by selling four million copies within the first two weeks and having shipped over 10 million copies since launch. Now, Ubisoft believes Watch Dogs 2 has the potential to be a massive hit that could end up being one of the developer’s “best-selling games of all time.”

In an earnings call this week, CEO Yves Guillemot seemed positive about the advancements and improvements made in the second game including “more seamless” online features, and “engaging” characters with a “relevant storyline.” He also revealed that Watch Dogs 2 has received a “very positive” reaction thus far, with its reveal trailer surpassing 30 million views.

CFO Alain Martinez also chipped in:

We believe that Watch Dogs 2 is a very high potential AAA blockbuster for this year. We haven’t given… exactly the number of units [we] expect to deliver, but we do believe that Watch Dogs 2 will sit very close to what Watch Dogs did last time.

Watch Dogs 2 releases on November 15 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

[Source: GameSpot, Videogamer]