Next Destiny: Rise of Iron Stream Happening at gamescom 2016, Will Show Off the New Crucible

Earlier this week, Bungie held a Destiny: Rise of Iron stream to show off the Cosmodrome and other parts of the expansion (above). As Bungie announced today, the next Rise of Iron stream will focus on the new Crucible and will take place at gamescom 2016, which runs from August 17 to 21:

We have less than two months before the borders of the Plaguelands open to you. Before that incursion begins, there is much more to say about your next adventure. Next stop: gamescom! Our next Rise of Iron stream will come to you live from Germany. We’ll crack open the new Crucible and show you what’s inside.

Once our show is over, we’ll hand our mobile streaming array over to the international community. They’ll show you what else we’re packing into our strange cargo. The conversation about Destiny is always better when it includes many points of view and many different languages.


Bungie also celebrated Bungie Day inside the studio, unifying “around a vision for the future” where they looked forward “at the next things we’ll create for you to experience.” They would’ve loved to have invited everyone inside the event, “but that would have spoiled a world of surprises that wait for you down the path you’re exploring. We were thinking about you the whole time.”

After showing off the above picture with a pixelated image, Bungie’s DeeJ added:

All week long, we’re plotting and scheming about the things you’ll experience on a long enough timeline. During every presentation, I sit and think, ‘I can’t wait to show this to the community.’ I’m auditioning presenters for future streams, friends. Today, I’m opening a slightly translucent window into our world. Over time, that window will become more transparent – and less pixelated. I can’t wait for that.

The future is bright and hopeful, as it always is in Destiny.

If you’re wondering why Destiny was offline for four hours of maintenance yesterday, it was in preparation of Update 2.3.1, which will be available “in the coming weeks.”

[Source: Bungie]