VR Survey Says Intent to Buy VR Is High Even With Motion Sickness and Price Concerns

According to a recent survey regarding virtual reality headsets, the intent to purchase such a device, despite the price, is rather high for the holiday season. 

B/HI marketing group and Listen Research polled 300 people who play console and/or PC games for at least five hours a week. Of the respondents, 74 percent said they planned to buy a VR device, and 60 percent said they hoped to receive one as a gift. Of the console-only players, 75 percent plan to buy a VR device, and 73 percent of PC-only players intend to purchase.

Two out of three participants plan to buy a VR device in the next three months.

In regards to content, 40 percent of those surveyed are most interested in RPGs, 39 percent want shooters, and 38 percent are looking forward to playing sports games. In addition, 55 percent wanted to use VR for movies, and 49 percent were interested in using it for VR Sports.

Despite all this over-eager interest in a VR headset, a little under half, 42 percent, were “very or somewhat concerned” about the possibility of motion sickness from the device. That said, 71 percent that the risk of motion sickness would have “little or no impact” upon their decision to purchase one.

Forty-two percent are concerned how they will look while donning a headset, and 41 percent are worried about spreading germs via sharing headsets.

As for price of a VR headset, 61 percent were concerned over the high costs. Over half of the participants said they expect to pay $499 for VR, and 42 percent expect to pay a bit more. It’s rather convenient then, that the PSVR costs $499, isn’t it? Of course you still need the camera, but that will be bundled in at a later date. As for the PC-only VR headsets, the Oculus Rift costs $600 (without the controllers) and the HTC Vive costs $800 as a complete package.

[Source: GameSpot]