Marvel Ultimate Alliance DLC and PC Fixes Are Imminent

Last week, Marvel Games and publisher Activision rolled out both Marvel: Ultimate Alliance and Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 across current-gen systems and PC, though early adopters began to take issue with missing DLC characters, while technical issues reared their ugly head on the latter platform. 

In response, Bill Rosemann — Creative Director at Marvel Games — has taken to Twitter to confirm that, after raising said issues with Activision, both the add-on content and PC fixes are “on the way.” Expect more details to emerge soon. 

Users began to report audio issues and problems with controller support with Marvel: Ultimate Alliance on PC. Its sequel fared a little better, according to reports, though that imminent update ought to rectify most, if not all issues. 

As for those extra DLC characters, we’ll be keeping tabs on Marvel: Ultimate Alliance and its sequel as this story develops. 

[Source: Twitter via Game Informer]