Galak-Z Update Today in North America Adds The Void Game Mode

A PlayStation Plus freebie back in March, Galak-Z for PlayStation 4 received a new update today that adds the Season 5 DLC.

With the new update, Galak-Z receives The Void game mode, which offers an “endless [procedurally generated] playground for players to showcase their moment-to-moment survival skills and to post their scores as a challenge to friends and foes alike.” Along with online leaderboards, you’ll also find a Daily Challenge.

17-Bit Studio Director Raj Joshi said:

Galak-Z is all about honing one’s ability to dexterously pilot their ship and to strategically leverage the mech form to take on any set of enemies and environmental hazards. While we’ve kept the narrative-based, procedurally generated Rogue and Arcade story modes, The Void focuses on the essence of Galak-Z while providing an ever-escalating difficulty curve to challenge even the most skilled player. To help encourage true competition, we have introduced the Daily Challenge that provides the same unique loadout and level layout seed for all who participate each and every day. Players can come back daily to see who will top the leaderboards!

Joshi then talked about Arcade Mode:

We added Arcade Mode which allows you to continue by replaying the mission you died in and not sending you all the way back to the beginning of the season. It’s a much less punishing way to play if you’re not feeling like going Rogue.

If you live in Europe, The Void and Arcade modes are currently in submission and should release soon.

[Source: PS Blog]