Hello Games: No Man’s Sky Won’t Have Paid DLC, “Just Patches”

Prior to No Man’s Sky’s launch, Hello Games Founder Sean Murray said there wouldn’t be any DLC and “this is definitely a game for updates.” In a new interview with Red Bull, Murray confirmed that their plans haven’t changed and there won’t be any paid DLC, and all of the post-launch content will be added through free game updates:

We do want to add a ton of features, like we’ve just discussed: Freighters, bases, these type of things. But we want to do it for free. You’ve paid for the game, so you should get this stuff without paying even more money. So no, there will be no paid DLC, just patches.

Murray doesn’t know if No Man’s Sky is going to be successful, but if it does do well, Hello Games “would love to continue developing and supporting it for years.”

So far, we know the ability to build bases and own giant space freighters is coming in the next update. Past that? Murray teased the possibility of space whales:

There are way more features that our community want, and they deserve to get it. We want you to own these giant freighters that you’ve seen in trailers. And build bases. And maybe even include space whales, because apparently space whales these days are synonymous with No Man’s Sky.

The interview took place last week, so when Murray was asked about a potential sequel, he said, “It wouldn’t make any sense to talk sequels, before this game is out of the door.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Murray talked about how he doesn’t think it’s an easy game, and they offer a helping hand via the AI, Atlas. There will still be things you need to figure out on your own though, and Murray asks players not to look up the solution on Google or YouTube:

Just try it out. Maybe you fail the first time, maybe you die and you have to find your corpse to get your loot back. But isn’t that the reason why we play games? Please don’t just Google stuff or watch it on YouTube. I mean you can, but you will destroy a lot of the charm of this game by doing it.

No Man’s Sky for PlayStation 4 is out today in North America and tomorrow in Europe. For PC, it’s out on Friday.

[Source: Red Bull, PC Gamer]