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Rumors of Final Fantasy XV’s Delay Sending People Into Frenzy (Update)


Final Fantasy XV has officially been delayed. Details here.

Original story:

Rumors started surfacing sometime yesterday, claiming that Final Fantasy XV is set to be delayed for another two months. A website called Gamnesia first reported on this, citing a source within GameStop’s management who has apparently just been told that the new release date is November 29. One can probably imagine the stick Gamnesia got for its report, with writer Ben Lamoreux having to defend himself while insisting that he’s well-acquainted with the source who has been behind some accurate leaks in the past. However, sites like GameZone alongside social media users stepped in to contact GameStop and ended up “debunking” the rumor, stating that no one was able to confirm Gamnesia’s report. 

But then, things got a little interesting. Gematsu, a publication whose source is known for being the first and only to accurately leak the release date of September 30, stepped in to say that Gamnesia’s report is accurate. As a number of people proceeded to point out, something similar happened with No Man’s Sky whereby GameStop denied rumors of a last-minute delay but it actually ended up happening. 

As expected, quite a lot of people are already angry and upset but considering the aforementioned is all we know so far, it’s hard to say whether this is true or not, especially since Square Enix hosted a high profile event just to announce the release date. Additionally, up until yesterday, all media releases have listed September 30 as the release date. However, if what Gamnesia and Gematsu are reporting is true, then an official confirmation is supposed to come after August 14 so we’ll find out soon enough. In the meantime, we will closely follow any developments and report back with updates. We’ll also reach out to Square Enix ourselves to seek clarification.

Take it all with a grain of salt, folks. There’s no proof of a delay yet.

[Source: Gamnesia, GameZoneGematsu]

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