Dev Reveals EA Sports UFC 2 Changes for 1.09 Patch

EA Sports developer Geoff Harrower has been tweeting quite a few details regarding the EA Sports UFC 2 changes coming in the next patch. One of these details does not include the release for patch 1.09, but he’s shared more than enough in a series of tweets.

Here are what he has revealed thus far:

  • Added the ability to block when in any level of hit reaction to the legs or body. This should fix the “magic combo” issues.
  • Tuned AI transition denial success rate to be more dependent on grapple advantage.
  • Increased stand up arm health damage taken when holding High Block by 20%
  • Reduced stand up arm health recovery when holding High Block by 20%
  • Fixed exploit that allowed fighters to hold their opponent in side saddle with little opportunity for escape
  • Added Grapple Advantage Meter which allows users to better understand grappling mechanics and timing
  • Improved AI takedown defense
  • Further AI stamina management tuning
  • Taunt with @BlessedMMA in the last 20 seconds of the round and have your opponent taunt back to end a round “The Holloway”

He explained the last one with a forum post:

Taunt with Holloway in the last 20 secs of the round (he’ll point to the ground, so it’s obvious that it’s happened). If your opponent taunts back you enter into a state for the remainder of the round where takedowns are disabled, clinch is disable, stamina drain is disabled and counter damage bonus is on for every strike.

Oh, and your backwards movement speed is cut in half.

Basically you are agreeing to stand and bang, and the game enforces that agreement.

We will update as soon as we learn when patch 1.09 drops for EA Sports UFC 2.

[Source: Twitter via Operation Sports]