10 Indie Game Sequels That Need to Happen

Not every game gets it right on the first try. In fact, it’s rare that they absolutely do nail everything on their first go. For every fully realized game like The Witness, there are hundreds of titles that show promise, yet falter while reaching for the brass ring. Thankfully, video games can have a second shot at greatness in the form of a sequel.

Some of the most interesting and innovative ideas in gaming has come from indie games. When developers aren’t as worried about focus testing, they can take risks and go in adventurous new directions. There’s no shortage of indie games that I’d love to see sequels to, but I’ve selected 10 that really stand out as needing another shot. This isn’t a list about what the best indie games are (as a lot of the great ones don’t need a follow-up), but rather which games can benefit the most from a new entry or help fill a spot in the gaming world that isn’t being fulfilled.

Check out my list of 10 indie game sequels that need to happen below:

I hope you enjoyed my list of 10 indie game sequels that need to happen. Each of these games have displayed a lot of promise and have delivered it to a varying degree. That said, there are still plenty of other indie games that could benefit from a sequel, so naturally many were left off on the cutting room floor while making this list.

Let me know in the comments what indie games you would like to see receive a sequel, and if they made the list!

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