Final Fantasy XV Ultimate Collector’s Edition Doesn’t Include the Season Pass

In a Q&A yesterday, Game Director Hajime Tabata and Art Director Tomohiro Hasegawa revealed that the Final Fantasy XV Ultimate Collector’s Edition, priced at $270 USD, won’t include the $25 Season Pass. Additionally, although they looked into it, they’ve been told they still can’t make any more UCEs, even with the game delayed by two months to November 29.

Square Enix made 40,000 Ultimate Collector’s Editions and they each include the game, the Kingsglaive Final Fantasy XV Blu-Ray, the Brotherhood Final Fantasy XV Blu-Ray, the Special Soundtrack Blu-Ray, a Play Arts -KAI- Noctis Ultimate Collector Edition figurine, an exclusive Brotherhood Kingsglaive steelbook, and all DLC bonuses from the other editions.

Here’s a few other pieces of information from the Q&A:

  • In terms of post-game content, they aren’t saying much right now, “but there’s some areas (& monsters) you can only reach/fight once you beat the game.”
  • Asked if we’re getting a great love story in Final Fantasy XV between Noctis and Luna, they said, “We have included those themes but it’ll be different to say Tidus & Yuna in FFX.”
  • “Luna is a strong modern woman & this comes across in her relationship with Noctis. She’s a different kind of heroine to previous FF ones.”
  • They don’t have any plans for Final Fantasy Type-Next. “We’re putting all our efforts into #FFXV and people would be angry if we started working on something else,” they added.
  • They “haven’t seen any leaks that have got everything right.”
  • Because they’ve been so busy, Heavy Rain and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 are the two games Hasegawa and Tabata last finished.
  • Once FFXV is released, Tabata will play Civilization VI, while Hasegawa wants to go on holiday.

Are you one of the 40,000 who snagged an Ultimate Collector’s Edition?

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