Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Will Get Narrative DLC, Eidos is Happy With Stealth/Combat Improvements

In a Reddit AMA, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided developers Patrick Fortier, Fleur Marty and Olivier Proulx have been answering fan questions, addressing topics such as the upcoming title’s DLC, gameplay improvements, possibility of a Human Revolution Remaster, and more.

In response to a user who pointed out that some reviewers have criticized Mankind Divided‘s story albeit positive reviews overall, Eidos Montreal said that appreciation of story is down to “a lot of factors” including personal, but that the studio plans to release DLC to further the narrative.

A lot of reviews from around the world came in today and we want to take the time to look at everything closely – there’s a lot to digest! We’re also very interested in knowing what you guys all think about the game. Appreciation of the story is down to a lot of factors and quite personal, especially since we want players to express themselves through Jensen and the choices they make throughout the game. And the time you’ll invest in side-quests is also something to factor in! We do have narrative DLCs planned, on which we plan giving more details at a later time.

Answering a separate question about the limitations of Human Revolution, the studio said that the developers have done what they set out to achieve in Mankind Divided in terms of “perfecting stealth and creating compelling combat” alongside improving level density and adding a brand new game mode. “Side quests are also a big aspect indeed and we’re really proud of those we’ve created for Mankind Divided,” they said. 

Speaking of Human Revolution, Eidos has revealed that it’s often asked about a remaster and all it has to say is that the team is “fully focused on Mankind Divided,” which neither seems to be a definitive yes nor a no. 

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is out on Tuesday and has been receiving positive reviews. If you haven’t already, you can check out ours here (spoiler: we loved it).

[Source: Reddit]