How to Report Cheaters in Uncharted 4 multiplayer

If you play multiplayer in video games, chances are you’ll come across a cheater or two. Naughty Dog has noticed a cheating problem with the multiplayer portion of Uncharted 4, and ask they explain on their blog post, they “take cheating seriously.” They stress that even though they implement patches to prevent cheating and exploits, they still need player feedback to accurately monitor any cheating that may slip through the cracks.

As such, they have created a new system that will allow players to easily report any suspicions of “cheating, exploits, or unsporting play” encountered in the multiplayer portion. Visit, log in with your PSN ID, and share details about what you have witnessed. The following are what Naughty Dog looks out for with actionable offenses:

  • Alteration of Game Code
  • Use of Modified Game Software
  • Use of Modified Game Hardware
  • Manipulation of In-Game Systems
  • Exploiting Environmental Geometry
  • Manipulation of Connectivity
  • Boosting and Other Forms of Unsporting Play

Naughty Dog also notes that in order to properly investigate a report on cheating, they will need either an image or a video clearly displaying the cheat, exploit, or unsporting gameplay. The Report link also has complete instructions on how to properly report and what is required to successfully report cheating to their system.

[Source: Naughty Dog blog]