Ex-Sony Director Calls Those Demanding No Man’s Sky Refunds “Thieves”

Shahid Kamal Ahmad used to work for Sony as their Strategist Content Director, where he worked to ensure indies would be Sony exclusives. One of those was No Man’s Sky, and even though Ahmad no longer works at PlayStation, he has plenty to say about the recent rash of demands for refunds from the game. He’s especially irate at those who have demanded refunds after spending several hours with it.

Most players are demanding refunds over the apparent lack of multiplayer, which they do not feel was advertised adequately to explain exactly what the multiplayer feature would entail. Sony initially dug its heels in regarding refunds but has since refunded players for the game, even those who have logged over 40 hours in the game. It’s these latter players that have fired up Ahmad’s ire, especially that he is now an indie developer. Most likely, he among several indies, are appalled that this could be a trend, something that could affect the livelihoods of all indie developers.

Ahmad whipped out a frenzy of angry tweets about the situation, calling those who received a refund after playing for numerous hours a “thief.” 

He does concede that if a game is broken from the beginning, then of course a refund is warranted.

But he draws the line at demanding a refund after playing 50 hours.

What do you think? Does it matter how long you’ve played a game in order to get a refund?

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