Sony Reportedly Refunding Some No Man’s Sky Players

It wasn’t long ago that Sony’s digital refund policy was thrust into the limelight after some No Man’s Sky players tried to (unsuccessfully) obtain a refund for various reasons including technical issues. The company said in response that users are only entitled to refunds in line with PlayStation’s published refund policy. This isn’t any indication of the company changing its stance but several users are now reporting that they’ve been able to receive a refund from Sony. 

One NeoGAF user recommends using Live Chat. “They sometimes refund you without you mentioning what game you want to refund,” he writes. Other users also came forward with similar claims, going as far as posting entire conversations that they had with a Sony representative over Live Chat. 

In addition to PlayStation Network refunds, No Man’s Sky players have also been refunded on Steam and Amazon. While some users are simply dissatisfied with the game and its technical performance, others are claiming issues such as motion sickness. 

[Source: NeoGAF, Reddit via Game Informer]