No Man’s Sky: The Road So Far

From space oddity to the biggest game of 2016.


No Man’s Sky Trailer Today Focuses on Survive, the Fourth and Final Pillar

Can you survive?

No Man's Sky delay

No Man’s Sky Delayed for PC, PS4 Version Unaffected So Far

And not a peep from Hello Games.


August 2016 PS4, PS3, & PS Vita New Releases in North America and Europe

No Man’s Sky, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, and Batman: Episode 1 headline the month.


No Man’s Sky Doesn’t Require PlayStation Plus to Play Online

Internet connection isn’t required, but is needed for your discoveries to register.


Sean Murray Says No Man’s Sky Doesn’t Use Patented Formula, Lists Supported Languages

It’s a “non-story,” he says.

no mans sky new

More No Man’s Sky Music Likely Coming After Launch

Expect more music from 65daysofstatic


No Man’s Sky Trailer Today Is All About Trading, Gathering & Upgrading

You can craft Products from resources and sell them for higher prices.


Dutch Company Claims It Owns No Man’s Sky World Generation “Superformula”

Is Hello Games infringing on a patent? Fans are worried.

No Man's Sky 08 555x328

Latest No Man’s Sky Trailer Focuses on Combat

Beware the Sentinels.

No Man's Sky 06 555x328

New No Man’s Sky Trailer Is All About Exploration

Videos about trading, fighting, and surviving are coming soon.


No Man’s Sky Rated Teen By the ESRB for Fantasy Violence

The ESRB highlights laser blasts and explosions.


No Man’s Sky Is 6GB On Disc, First Update Being Worked on

Digital size TBA.


No Man’s Sky Has Gone Gold

August 9, here we come.