The Battlefield 1 Beta Is Now Open to Insiders, Check Your Inbox for the Code

If you signed up to be a Battlefield Insider, the Battlefield 1 Open Beta is now available to you, with EA sending out codes earlier today. For those of you who haven’t received a code yet, more should be going out within the next few hours. However, EA Support told ZeroLives that the system they’re using to generate new keys isn’t working properly, so if the code you receive doesn’t work, they suggest you “wait until tomorrow to play the game.”

According to reports, the beta client is a 6.5GB download on PlayStation 4. The size for Xbox One and PC is around 6GB – 7GB. You won’t need PlayStation Plus to try out the Beta on PS4, but you’ll need an Xbox Live membership to play on Xbox One.

The Open Beta includes Conquest and Rush modes, which you can play on the Sinai Desert map. The end date for the Beta appears to be September 8, but DICE is only saying that we should “stay tuned for all the latest updates on the duration.”

You can listen to the optional male announcer in this video:

Although there’s an ad for it on the PlayStation Store, the Open Beta client won’t be available for download until tomorrow, August 31. EA hasn’t said exactly when the Open Beta will begin tomorrow.

We’ll be playing the Battlefield 1 Beta later today, so stay tuned for our stream.

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