Battlefield 1 Beta Won’t Require PlayStation Plus Subscription

Excited for this week’s upcoming Battlefield 1 beta? Not a PlayStation Plus member? Don’t worry, it’s all good as DICE has confirmed that the BF1 beta won’t require PlayStation 4 players to be a PlayStation Plus subscriber. 

This was confirmed by the official Battlefield Twitter account when answering a fan’s question.

That’s might nice, no? Of course, bear in mind that you do need to be a PS+ member to play online multiplayer when Battlefield 1 releases this October. If you’re still not a member, I suggest doing so now, since PS+ subscriptions are going up in price very soon, in case you haven’t heard.

Early access members, you’ll get the beta a day early on August 30, while everyone else will be able to play it come August 31. According to DICE, Battlefield Insiders with early access should get their codes a day before launch, so check your inbox. We’ll be streaming it the moment we can, and of course, give you the latest BF1 news as it develops.

[Source: Battlefield (Twitter)]