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Top 5 Battlefield 1 Beta Improvements DICE Needs to Make for the Final Game

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past week, you might have not heard that DICE’s Battlefield 1 is now available to try via an open beta. Now, for those who do know about this little bit of news, you’ve most likely downloaded and played the Battlefield 1 beta to your heart’s content and might have found a thing or two that you thought needed to be changed/improved on.

Well, we played our fair share of the BF1 beta as well (check our hands-on impressions), and while there’s a lot of good stuff in it, there’s a bunch of things that DICE needs to address as well. In this week’s Top 5 Tuesday video, we countdown the top five Battlefield 1 beta improvements DICE needs to make for the final game when it launches this October 21. Obviously, since what DICE has rolled out is a beta after all, some of the things we pointed out in the video might already be fixed in the final game. Regardless, though, it’s still worth noting nonetheless.

If you’ve played the Battlefield 1 beta, do you agree with our list of improvements DICE needs to make? Or did we forget something important? Share your thoughts and what you think DICE needs to change in Battlefield 1 in the comments below.

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