Destiny: Rise of Iron Free Roam Gameplay Video Blowout – Felwinter Peak, The Plaguelands, Archon’s Forge

It’s been a week of Rise of Iron reveals, with our impressions and videos of the first mission and strikes on Monday, and a look at two of the new Crucible maps yesterday. Today we cap off our hands-on coverage with a look at the free roaming patrols through the Plaguelands, some time with the Archon’s Forge, and a quick tour of Rise of Iron’s new social space, Felwinter Peak.

As with our other video blowouts, this is the place to be if you just want to see the gameplay videos. These videos will help you get an idea of what the new additions to Destiny with Rise of Iron will be. There’s less than a week to go until Rise of Iron launches, so let these be your send off on previews until you can get your hands on the expansion yourself. You can expect my full review on Rise of Iron after I get a chance to find out how the endgame content fits into this release.

Destiny: Rise of Iron Gameplay – Archon’s Forge Tier One

The Archon’s Forge is a new social event in Destiny that will pit players against waves of Devil Splicers, Rise of Iron’s new Fallen enemies. Landing somewhere between the quick and easy to join Court of Oryx, and the more difficult and lengthy Prison of Elders, Archon’s Forge offers exclusive gear sets for completing the challenges in store.

Destiny: Rise of Iron Gameplay – Felwinter Peak

The new social space in Rise of Iron feels more akin to something out of a high fantasy RPG like Dragon Age, rather than a space age adventure. Though it has a changed visage and feel, it is overall still very Destiny, bringing a brilliant and grounded sense of newness to the game.

Destiny: Rise of Iron Gameplay – Plaguelands Patrol

The Plaguelands are the new patrol area sitting adjacent to the Cosmodrome. Featuring new weather effects previously impossible, the drop of last generation means additional details in the world that haven’t been seen before. 

Destiny: Rise of Iron Gameplay – Mountain Goating Up Felwinter Peak

Felwinter Peak holds its share of secrets, one being a tedious and difficult, yet clear mountain goating path for Guardians to attempt to jump up. Careful though. One wrong jump will send you careening down the mountain, requiring you to start from the beginning. What rewards wait at the top of the peak? 

Thank you for staying  with us through all of our Rise of Iron coverage this week! We’ll update with our final review on Destiny’s latest expansion once the game is released.