Destiny: Rise of Iron Crucible Maps Video Blowout

Yesterday was our single-player narrative exposition on Destiny: Rise of Iron, with our impressions of the first mission in the campaign and two of the coming strikes, along with videos of each of course. Today we’re lifting the lid on two of the coming Crucible maps — Last Exit, a subway station on Venus, and Skywatch, a new map on Mars. Bungie gave us some time in the studio to play a few rounds on each map, trying them out to see what they’ll have to add to the Crucible arsenal on Rise of Iron’s release next week. 

Previously we had our impressions of the other two maps coming to Rise of Iron, Icarus and Floating Gardens, with these two rounding out the complete new selection. We’re also sharing our impressions in more detail, but if you just want to see gameplay of the new maps, you’ve come to the right place. Just try to ignore the numerous times I throw myself into danger and die. I kind of get addicted to running after those crests dropping all over the map and can’t help putting myself in the line of fire. 

Destiny: Rise of Iron Gameplay – Last Exit Crucible Map

Last Exit is a fascinating map featuring an indoor portion and an outdoor portion, along with vertical changes that will require players to be completely aware of their surroundings. 

Destiny: Rise of Iron Gameplay – Skyline Crucible Map

Skyline is another map on Mars, which are often my least favorite maps. However, I found that Skyline held some interesting properties that elevated above the usual Mars fare.

Stay tuned all this week as we keep bringing you impressions and Destiny: Rise of Iron gameplay.