Former DriveClub Dev Thinks “Too Many People Are Underestimating” the PS4 Pro Before Actually Seeing It

Paul Rustchynsky, former DriveClub Game Director and current developer at Codemasters, commented on the PlayStation 4 Pro on Twitter recently, saying too many people are underestimating the new console before actually seeing what it offers:

Too many people are underestimating the #PS4Pro without having seen it in action #SeeingIsBelieving.

Although he made it clear that Evolution Studios isn’t developing DriveClub or DriveClub VR anymore, Rustchynsky was able to reveal that DriveClub VR will have minor enhancements on PS4 Pro:

Asked if PS4 Pro owners might get any additional features in DriveClub VR, Rustchynsky replied, “There are no plans for any PS [Pro] updates after release.”

Rustchynsky then talked about why DriveClub VR is a $40 game, rather than a free upgrade for DriveClub owners:

“It’s not a patch, nor an upgrade, it’s an new game with new tracks, a new Tour, new trophies, new stats, new modes, etc.”

“A well-engineered VR game requires a huge amount of work. Plus we added a new Tour, trophies, modes, etc.”

The original DriveClub will receive an update that adds the DriveClub VR tracks for free, but as Rustchynskys adds, “There are no plans for future updates beyond the urban tracks.” Since the new Trophies for DriveClub VR are VR-specific, DriveClub won’t be getting anything new in the update besides the tracks.

When it comes to playing games in virtual reality, Rustchynsky says the likelihood of feeling nauseous comes down to the individual. “We did find though that players did acclimatise over time, so the more you play VR the better you handle it,” he added.

DriveClub VR releases on October 13 alongside PlayStation VR, and the PS4 Pro launches on November 10.

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