Batman: Arkham VR Trophy List Already Available

PlayStation VR won’t release for another couple of weeks, but the Trophy lists for a few of the launch VR titles have already been released. Batman: Arkham VR doesn’t have a Platinum trophy or really that many trophies at all. Instead of a Platinum trophy, a Gold trophy has been substituted in, which is odd. In fact, it may be shorter than initially imagined to be. Complete Batman: Arkham VR Trophy list with all 13 trophies are below.


  • To the Batcave – Unlock access to the Batcave
  • A Death in the Family – Identify the witness
  • The Last Laugh – Identify the murderer
  • Bite-Sized – Discover doll-sized characters
  • Through the Looking Glass – Find and zoom view on the Mad Hatter cameo
  • Riddle Me This – Piece together Riddler Trophy, Cube, and Cane in Riddler Case file
  • Catch Me If You Can – Activate thrusters on Bat vehicle
  • Inside Out – Place the two lungs, eyeball, and cranium in to their correct locations in the anatomical model
  • Crime Never Pays – Score 30 or more on the Batarang trial


  • Bad Blood – Analyze all five blood samples for infections
  • Bits & Pieces – Destroy all 18 CCTV Cameras, Fuse Boxes, and AR Batarang targets
  • Fallen Son – Analyze all four pieces of evidence from Batman’s past failures

Gold: Knight Out – 100% the game. Complete the main story, find all Riddler secrets, and acquire all the trophies

Batman: Arkham VR will release on October 13, 2016 when PlayStation VR launches.

[Source: Exophase]